Produktion und Nachhaltigkeit


All works of art we produce go through a careful and state-of-the-art printing process in a renowned German printing company. This high-tech production facility uses the latest printing technologies to ensure that the quality and detail of each work of art is reproduced to the highest degree.

Our printing process is overseen by experienced professionals who ensure that each work of art is of the highest standards in terms of color fidelity, sharpness and clarity. We attach particular importance to preserving the artistic integrity and expressiveness of the works.

Before shipping, we subject every printed work of art to a thorough quality control. This includes a close inspection for possible printing errors, color variations or other irregularities. Our goal is to ensure that customers receive a flawless and impressive work of art that meets the highest standards.

Using a German state-of-the-art print shop as a production facility underlines our commitment to quality and precision. Through this careful approach, we want to ensure that art lovers receive not just a product, but an authentic and high-quality work of art that expresses the artistic vision in the best possible way.


The wood used to make our high-quality frames comes exclusively from sustainable sources in Germany. We attach great importance to ensuring that timber resources are managed responsibly to ensure environmental impact is minimized and forest conservation is ensured. This ecological approach reflects our commitment to environmental friendliness and social responsibility.

In our effort to promote environmentally friendly practices, the production of the frames is carried out directly in our state-of-the-art printing facility. This integrated manufacturing process allows us to monitor the entire production cycle and ensure that the frames meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

During production, we pay particular attention to the use of the most modern technologies and methods minimize energy consumption and reduce waste. This not only contributes to environmental protection, but also ensures that our frames meet the highest standards in every respect.

Our customers can therefore be sure that not only the works of art themselves, but also the frames that surround them are produced with care and responsibility. The use of sustainable wood and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes is another step towards holistic, ecologically responsible art production that not only delivers aesthetically pleasing results, but also protects the planet.

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