Our handmade prints on canvas are More intense color And Brilliant Than conventional productions. The feel and the characteristic linen structure is characterized by the High quality 8 color pigment printing Guaranteed. In addition, the linen structure is stable and scratch-resistant. The stretcher is dimensionally stable and can be hung immediately.

The canvas pictures are covered by hand in a German factory and are Light and UV resistant . The production is carried out in a climate-neutral manner.


Our prints on aluminum are one Intense color quality On. Through the material, we can heat resistance and a Scratch resistant surface Guarantee. If grease stains can be seen after hanging up, a damp wipe is possible without any problems. The sunlight-resistant pressure leaves No fading To.

Our images are standard with a High quality back frame Manufactured, which ensures the highest stability. It is printed on a 3mm thick, stable aluminum plate.

acrylic glass

Whether new color accents in your own home or in the office-a work of art on acrylic glass attracts every eye.

Our acrylic paintings are more shatterproof and lighter than glass. The artwork will be on 5mm extra-strong acrylic glass handmade . The material guaranteed Life-long luminous And Deep-looking colors . Without exception, every motif on acrylic glass looks razor-sharp and of high quality. The nice thing is that the works of art are wireable and also completely unimpressed by water vapor, dust and dirt.

Our pictures are manufactured as standard with a high-quality rear frame, which ensures the highest stability. We also produce smaller sizes with perforated holes or back frames for hanging-individually selectable as desired.

Gold leaf

Our gold leaf works of art are characterized by the exclusive, pure gold. The unique color in the light is incomparable. Gold leaf requires a smooth surface of the subsurface to ensure perfect application. Therefore, our customers find this option only in combination acrylic glass.

30 days right of return